Ann Fay Periodontics, Board Certified Periodontist

Welcome to Periodontal Associates of Shawnee, Kansas and Brookside, in Kansas City, Missouri.

We are a regional dental specialty practice offering advanced options for the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, the pathology of the oral tissues, gums and bone and dental implant treatment. Our entire team is educated and trained specifically to address periodontal health.

Philosophy of Periodontal Treatment

Our philosophy is to use conservative treatment. Employing conservative treamtent modalities to stabilize or eliminate disease conditions keeps treatment simple, all the while we are mindful of your individual preferences.

The best treatment formula will allow you to keep your teeth for a lifetime with the maximum, function, comfort and esthetics at a minimum investment of expense, stress and time.

Because we are very emapethetic to anxiety surrounding appointments, we offer nitrous oxide and other forms of sedation.

Two Offices for your convenience

We have two offices conveniently located in Shawnee, KS and Kansas City, MO and we invite you to call with any questions or email us via the Contact Us or Request An Appointment page of our Web site. We will do everything possible to ensure you a pleasant visit.

Kansas City MO and Shawnee KS Periodontal

Fay Periodontics is a Kansas City, MO and Shawnee, KS Periodontal provider. We are located in Kansas City and Shawnee and serve the areas of Lenexa, Kansas, Johnson County Kansas and Jackson County, Missouri.

Ann Fay Periodontics

Dr. Ann Fay and her staff specialize in treating periodontal diseases (a persistent infection in the gums). Using non-surgical, surgical, and regenerative techniques, we can help treat the underlying causes of your disease. Our goal is to stabilize your periodontal health in the most non-invasive and cost-effective way possible.

Brookside Office

207 East 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64113
Phone: (816) 561-8466
Fax: (816) 561-2795

Shawnee Office

6333 Long Ave., Suite 201
Shawnee, KS 66216
Phone: (913) 268-9300
Fax: (913) 268-4202